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Travel Books

Travelling to exotic countries is one of the appeals of teaching EFL. Thanks to Lonely Planet EFL teachers are able to arrive in a new country well informed and organised. If you are thinking of heading off on a new adventure, first do the research and purchase a Lonely Planet guidebook.


Our recommendations

We heartily recommend the following items:

Lonely Planet China
Published: August, 2002
Our price:
List price: 29.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Authors: Damian Harper, Marie Cambon, Katja Gaskell, Thomas Huhti, Bradley Mayhew, Korina Miller, and Mielikki Org
Lonely Planet Czech & Slovak Republics (Lonely Planet Czech and Slovak Republics)
Published: April, 2004
Our price: 14.95
List price: 21.99 (that's 32% off!)
Authors: Neal Bedford, Jane Rawson, and Matt Warren
Lonely Planet Hong Kong: Condensed (Lonely Planet Hong Kong Condensed)
Published: March, 2003
Our price: 12.99
Author: Patrick Witton
Lonely Planet Japan
Published: October, 2003
Our price: 27.99
Authors: Chris Rowthorn, Andrew Bender, John Ashburne, Sara Benson, David Atkinson, and Craig McLachlan
Lonely Planet Poland
Published: May, 2002
Our price: 19.99
Author: Krzysztof Dydynski
Lonely Planet Saudi Arabia
Published: 15 September, 2004
Our price: 20.51
List price: 26.99 (that's 24% off!)
Authors: Anthony Ham, Brekhus Shams, and Anthony Madden
Lonely Planet Singapore
Published: July, 2003
Our price:
List price: 17.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Author: Simon Richmond
Lonely Planet South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland (Lonely Planet South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland)
Published: December, 2001
Our price:
List price: 24.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Authors: Simon Richmond, Alan Murphy, Kim Wildman, and Andrew Burke
Lonely Planet Korea
Published: April, 2004
Our price: 16.49
List price: 24.99 (that's 34% off!)
Authors: Martin Robinson, Andrew Bender, Rob Whyte, and John Banagan
Lonely Planet Spain
Published: March, 2003
Our price: 24.99
Authors: Damien Simonis, Fiona Adams, Susan Forsyth, John Noble, Miles Roddis, and Elizabeth Swan
Lonely Planet Taiwan
Published: August, 2001
Our price:
List price: 19.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Author: Robert Storey
Lonely Planet Thailand
Published: August, 2003
Our price:
List price: 25.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Authors: Joe Cummings, Sandra Bao, Steven Martin, and China Williams
Lonely Planet Turkey
Published: March, 2003
Our price: 24.99
Authors: Pat Yale, Verity Campbell, and Richard Plunkett
Lonely Planet Oman & the United Arab Emirates (Lonely Planet Oman and the United Arab Emirates)
Published: June, 2000
Our price:
List price: 15.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Authors: Lou Callan and Gordon Robison
Lonely Planet Britain
Published: March, 2003
Our price:
List price: 29.99 (that's NaN% off!)
Authors: David Else, Paul Bloomfield, Nicky Crowther, Fionn Davenport, Abigail Hole, Martin Hughes, and Alan Murphy

And now for a completely shameless plug:

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