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TEFL & CELTA in South Africa


TEFL Training in South Africa

International House
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EFL / ESL jobs in the East usually don’t require the teacher to have a TEFL qualification. Jobs in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan usually just require the teacher to have a Bachelors degree. This poses the question: Why should I bother getting a TEFL qualification?

Firstly, it will prepare you for teaching if you have never taught before. This will be extremely important when you first start an English teaching job in a foreign country. You will undoubtedly be dealing with culture shock, trying to get settled and adapting to a new job for the first few months. Learning how to teach English will be an added pressure, which might just result in you packing your bags and heading home. Most language schools have little in the way of teacher training and will expect you to “know” how to teach English purely because you can speak it.

Secondly and most importantly, getting a TEFL certificate is the first stage in becoming a professional ESL / EFL teacher. Many teachers do a TEFL course after a few years of teaching. They do this to improve their teaching abilities and to help them develop in the ESL /EFL field. Better paying jobs in ESL /EFL require the teacher to have a TEFL certificate. Take a look at jobs advertised for countries like Hong Kong or in Europe. Most of them require some form of TEFL certification.

TEFL Training in South Africa

International House

Although most of the language schools in South Africa are situated in the Cape, the best place to do a TEFL course is in Johannesburg. IH-Johannesburg is probably the biggest EFL / ESL school in South Africa. IH has schools throughout the world and offers one of the most respected TEFL courses – the CELTA. It also offers the more advanced DELTA. There is an IH school in Durban which offers teacher training courses too. The following is a summary of teacher training courses offered by IH-Johannesburg:


Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)

Full time and part time options for the most widely recognised initial qualification within the ELT profession. Accredited by the University of Cambridge, the CELTA course is aimed at candidates with little or no previous teaching experience.


Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

A higher level training course designed for candidates who have substantial experience of teaching English in a variety of contexts. Accredited by the University of Cambridge, this is the qualification held by most senior staff and Teacher Trainers.

IHCYL International House Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners

A qualification designed for candidates with little or no experience of teaching who wish to learn how to teach young learners.

IHCYL Extension Course International House extension course for teaching Young Learners

An add-on course for teachers who are already CELTA qualified but who have little or no experience of teaching children.

IH- Johannesburg's contact details are:

IH Johannesburg
T: 00 27 11 339 1051
F: 00 27 11 403 1759
Email: info@ihjohannesburg.co.za

EF English First Certificate in TEFL @ Language Express

EF Education was founded by Bertil Hult in Lund, Sweden in 1965. Its goal was to bridge cultural gaps and break down barriers of language and geography by promoting educational travel, intercultural exchange and language learning. Today, EF Education is the world’s largest private educational organization. We are a multi-national group of companies and non-profit organizations with over 3,000 administrative staff and 20,000 teachers at work in 50 countries. Each year 2,000,000 people learn a language with EF.

Education is emerging as one of the world’s largest growth industries and EF is at the forefront. Throughout all our programmes - whether we are taking children abroad for the first time, teaching business English around the corner from your office, or sharing the world with students online - our mission remains the same: to offer quality learning experiences to people all over the world.

EF English First Teacher Recruitment & Training runs quality certificate level courses in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the UK, Canada and the USA. Graduates from the EF Certificate in TEFL courses have the opportunity to apply for a teaching position in one of over 200 international franchise schools through their South African based recruitment agents (Youth Development Programs) www.ydp.co.za. EF English First owns a network of franchise based English language schools in 14 different countries around the world.

The EF Certificate in TEFL is an intensive 4-week full time or 12 week part time course so you should have no outside commitments during this time. You will study for seven hours a day and in addition there will be evening and weekend tasks. In the morning input sessions our trained and qualified teacher trainers focus on language awareness, teaching and learning contexts, planning, classroom practice and materials. The afternoon sessions are dedicated to teaching practice with real English language students from our partnership with The Papillion Foundation and the local community. All teaching practice sessions are observed by our experienced team of trainers who will provide you with constructive feedback and will help you to explore your developing awareness as teachers. We do not accept more than 12 trainees onto a course, thereby ensuring you of our utmost attention,

Over the four-week period trainees will be assessed on the following components:

1 – Teaching Practice (& the Teaching Practice Journal) - 50% of the final assessment is on the trainee’s ability in the classroom and their awareness as a teacher through the medium of observation and reflective journal writing.

2 – Learner Profile – this project is written up after 2 or 3 sessions with a learner of English; assessing their needs as a learner and planning and teaching a one-to-one lesson to address those needs.

3 – Unknown Language Journal – this project is primarily about learning and teaching - we offer 3 input sessions where we teach a language none of the trainees know - the trainees are expected to analyse how the group responds to a variety of learning activities.

4 – Materials Project – the trainees select two pieces of material they have taught and present them to an experienced member of staff explaining how they would use them in class.

5 – Language Awareness Test – in the final week of the course there is a short language awareness test reflecting the input on English grammar, phonology (pronunciation) and vocabulary.

Full time 4 week intensive courses for 2006

01 / 06

6th February – 3rd March

06 / 06

31st July – 25th August

02 / 06

13th March – 7th April

07 / 06

4th September – 29th September

03 / 06

18th April – 12th May

08 / 06

2nd October – 27th October

04 / 06

22nd May – 16th June

09 / 06

30th October – 24th November

05 / 06

26th June – 21st July

10 / 06

27th November – 22nd December

Part time 12 week courses 2006

PT 01 / 06

18th February – 14th May

PT 02 / 06

3rd June – 26th August

PT 03 / 06

16th – September – 9th December

Some courses may be extended due to Public Holidays.

Full time courses run from Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm daily. Part time courses are held on Saturdays from 9 am – 6 pm and one evening per week from 6 – 9 pm.

For more information on the EF Certificate in TEFL @ Language Express Contact:

Andrew Carte
Phone / fax / voicemail: + 27 11 8020921
Cell: +27 728597745
e-mail: andrew@languagexpress.co.za

Langahead TEFL Courses

Langahead School of Language offers the following TEFL courses:

A Part-time course lasting 12 weeks (2 weekday evenings and every second Saturday). This is for people who do not have a TEFL qualification as all aspects of TEFL requirements will be covered.

A Full-time TEFL course lasting 4 weeks (Monday to Friday).

An Update course for anyone who has a TEFL qualification,
lasting 4 Saturdays. This course will require a sound prior knowledge of language acquisition theories, teaching approaches, grammar and skills-based learning.

For more information on these courses contact:

Sandy Emslie
Phone / fax / voicemail: + 27 011 482 8914
Cell: +27 72 077 5219
e-mail: langahead_2010@yahoo.com

Other schools that offer TEFL training

To view all the schools in South Africa that offer TEFL courses, click the following link:

TEFL Courses in SA